7th HEAVEN GALLERY - The Return of the Divine Feminine/GOD the Mother


(Divine Re-Design and Home Staging)

by Sheri Salin

I am proud to announce an expansion of my creative talents.......

Divine Re-Design! My passion for interior decorating and staging is now being offered to you. Your home can be a canvas to create beauty, joy and harmony. An outer transformation will bring about an inner transformation of more happiness and well-being.

I see so many beautiful homes that don't have feeling. The walls are bare and the furniture is just plunked down in a spot that does not create flow of positive energy to the room. It is like a woman who wears a beautiful, expensive dress but neglects her hair, make-up, shoes and purse. Every detail is needed to create a total package that makes a home a home, an inviting feeling that has warmth and style.

I love to work with what you have and bring it all together in a wonderful, magical way! Through the use of furniture re-arranging, organization, adding color through artwork, wall painting and accessories, your home/office can be transformed into a showcase! Your home is your private space, your sanctuary, a place to repose in, so why not let it reflect more positive energy through the decor. Allow your home to feed your soul

and nurture you to feeling good!

Since I live by the ocean, I love to do coastal and cottage decor! I can assist you with artwork, color choices for the walls, painting/faux finishing, murals, furniture re-arranging and accesorizing. This is a wonderful service to employ for a home on the market. Most people can't see beyond what is in front of them. I am a visionary artist, I see the potential at hand and I am able to implement good design........a little feng shui Sheri's way. :)

Fees of my service can be applied to the purchase of artwork. Custom artwork can be created for any room at a reasonable price. Paintings can be rented as well for 10% of the selling price per month. These rental charges can be applied to the purchase of the artwork.

Home is where the heART is. Click those shoes for there is no place like home!

I look forward to working miracles and magic in your home.

I'm a call away..... Sheri @ 727 692-9933.