7th HEAVEN GALLERY - The Return of the Divine Feminine/GOD the Mother



My intention is to let Divine Love into the heart through art, music and poetry. Feel into the Cosmic Healing Force of energy that connects you to your Divinity within. Within you is spiritual power, joy, happiness, love and abundance! Love, forgiveness and acceptance of self is spiritual power, the essence to reconnect to one's soul.

Healing comes through feeling, through the heart of your inner child. In order to connect to the inner child, all judgment and criticism of self and others needs to be forgiven and released. Whenever feelings of anger or other negative emotions are felt, the root of it comes from a negative thought that usually pertains to judment or criticism of self, someone else or a situation. The secret to happiness, love, joy and success comes from the inner world, not the material world. Feeling good comes from within. All illness, disease, suffering and lack comes from a lack of self-love, a separation from the soul and the Divine. When there is separation, there is emptiness, loneliness, anxiety and unhappiness. The natural reaction to these feelings is to run from them through food, sex, drugs, addictions or busyness. The human self gets caught in a web with no way out. The only way out is in! This page of healing through art is here to bring oneself back in, back Home, the true inner sanctuary of love, joy and peace.

2012 represents the end of the world, the end of an old world of a false ego that looked outside to money and material things for love and happiness. It was a world of power and greed that didn't support the soul or mother earth. The human race is rebirthing into a new world order whereby our priorities are shifting from the material world of patriarchy to more balance through integration of the matriarchy. The matriarchy or feminine energy is symbolic of the right brain, healing, feeling, creativity, spirituality and sexuality. It is a wake up call to humanity! This wake up call couldn't take place any sooner without the time of space we are in, the communication age. This communication age is what will progress the human species to a higher level of evolution.  

The Awakening

This wisdom comes from a point in my life that had me examine myself and old world beliefs of a patriarchal culture that doesn't support the soul. I've had all the material things in life that I could dream of. I had the big 4700' house with the indoor swimming pool, sports car, successful business and love relationship. I still didn't feel happy, I felt more empty inside once I achieved these so called material goals of success. So I kept busy by working more and using addictions so that I didn't have to face my negative feelings of depression. I asked for a sign of hope, to be a believer in a Higher Power. This image of a woman smiling appeared in my watercolor painting. Call it Divine Intervention of the Divine Feminine! It changed my life forever and I pursued a spiritual quest of the inner world that would help others to connect to the unconditional love and joy of Spirit within through creativity.

Allow the images and sound to transport you to your inner world of the Divine. I found this pathway to God to be fun, easy and creative. The pathway to God only becomes difficult if judgment or criticism is standing in the way. Open your heart to feel, to accept and forgive yourself and you will feel a shift into a higher level of being, a higher frequency. It's a place of feeling heaven and earth as one! Come back to this place/page whenever you need to reconnect back within yourself or to rejuvenate your spirit.

I see myself as a vessel for the love of God/Goddess to express through me. Spirit guides and fairies magically come through some of my paintings. 

You will see the spirit world first hand through my divinely guided art. I feel this to be my purpose on the planet, to share with the world another world of peace, love, healing and harmony that exists within and around us. I am here to bring seekers back Home, a place of peace, joy and true love. The inner world is more colorful and more important than the outer world.

Art is a universal language that bypasses the limitations of words and the intellect. Our soul speaks through images and symbols and the art is available to speak to your soul, to help it to re-member and awaken to it's true potential and nature of the Divine. Research has shown that art, prayer and healing all have the same brain wave patterns, same physiology and the same state of consciousness!

The music is created by New Earth Energy Musician Maria Chambers. Songs include Talk To Me, Cosmic Bliss (Maria Chambers, Sheri Salin and Johnny White), Promised Land, Came Here To Open Up The Door, Speed of Love, Soul To Soul. Music can be purchased on www.CDBaby.com.

Enter the portal to the inner world. Get ready for a transformation, spread your wings and fly! Enjoy! Poetry is found below the flashing images. A collection of my published books can be found on Kindle. Thank you for your support!


I've been down this road before,

Not quite sure what I'm looking for.

I'm at a standstill waiting to see

What God has to offer me.

I'm feeling uncertain, anxious and bored.

I keep telling myself to have faith in the Lord.

I look outside to see the rain,

Drizzling down my window pane.

“Oh God,” I say, “please give me a clue,

What in this life am I supposed to do?”

I've no money, no job and no car.”

She then tells me, “It's not material things

That make you who you are!”

I know God has an answer for me,

What my potential is that I can be.

I'm never too old to live my dreams,

To ride along life like a gentle stream.

Her soft voice whispers gently in my ear.

“Oh dear child you are so near,

To having a life so full of cheer.

Just dream and imagine what you want to be,

Take some action to accomplish your destiny.”

I can't resist this temptation of mine

To ponder the thought of painting all the time.

So here I am, I'm living my dreams.

“Oh thank you God, You are my guiding beam!”


I awoke in the morning and got out of bed.

I wrote down my dreams and visions in my head.

I dreamt that I was a star that had fallen down.

I came to earth as a priestess with a crown.

I was given a wand to cast a spell,

Of hope to this world for others to tell.

We need to live our dreams again.

We need to play like children, amen.

Some seem to live in the past,

Forgetting to forgive and running so fast.

Some use addictions to drown their sorrows,

Killing their inner child that cries for a new tomorrow.

“Oh God,” I say, 'when will it be

That others will see as clear as me?”

Cast on our world is a spiritual light

That shines all day and all through the night.

I followed this light to a journey within,

I found Mother God and my inner child with a grin.

They laughed and played in the beam of light.

This little girl started to paint and began to write.

I learned how to love this child of mine,

She made me laugh through our healing time.

There was no more judgment or negative criticism,

Only love and praise to encourage my mysticism.

My rebirth to this world has brought me this far

To say, “Wake up everyone to your inner shining star!”

There is a beam of light for God's children of the night

For all to follow on their spiritual flight.


“Oh dear child of mine,

You're living in darkness in this age and time.

Stop hiding in that world of yours.

Let others in and let them explore.

Shine the light for all to see,

That I God, am in thee.

Don't be afraid to open up

You have nothing to fear, so loosen up!

Oh dear child of mine,

Step into the light and let your beauty shine.

Oh dear child of mine,

Don't be shy to spread My love at this time.

Let go and imagine the world to be

Full of love and peace for all to see,

That God is good, fun and joy.

Now move on and let others toy

The idea of a world that is meant to be,

Full of happiness and playful glee!



I was sitting in the kitchen when the idea passed me by,

To write some poetry that would open our eyes.

We are the future and we need to see

That God lives inside you and me.

God is not a man sitting in the sky,

Watching you make a pizza pie.

God is a voice, an energy within

That guides your inner child to play again!

Promised Land - Maria Chambers

Talk To Me - Maria Chambers

Cosmic Bliss - Maria Chambers, Sheri Salin and Johnny White

Came Here To Ope Up The Door 

Speed of Love - Maria Chambers

Yes, I Know - Maria Chambers

You Can Relax Now