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7th HEAVEN GALLERY - The Return of the Divine Feminine/GOD the Mother for WORLD PEACE

The Art of Self-Discovery


The Art of E-Sea Living (Poem)

Posted on August 23, 2012 at 11:22 AM Comments comments (145)
I have noticed that the hardest thing in life is to live an easy life!  With this in mind, I created a poem below called E-SEA LIVING.  I hope you enjoy it!
The art of E-SEA LIVING
Life is about e-sea living.
God loves you and God is giving.
Do you want to feel good?  Then this is where you start.
Get out of your head and into your heart.
If you want to heal the life your are living.
Be gentle with yourself and be forgiving.
Let go of guilt, anger or sadness.
Life is too short for drama or madness.
Allow your feelings a positive way out.
Paint, sing, laugh, let go of self-doubt.
Give yourself time to play.
Do what feels good today!
To have inner peace is to live in the now.
Surrender, forgive, you know how.
Be still and reflect on who you are.
See your goodness and you will go far.
Stop self-criticism, say to the inner critic, "no more"!
Let the abandoned inner child out.  Open the door.
Talk to your fears for they are not real.
Allow them to go fish'n or watch Let's Make a Deal.
Fears comes from the child within.
Cradle the child in love, that's where you begin.
Your life is joyfully blessed.  Keep a positive attitude.
Be thankful for what you have.   Stay in gratitude.
You are not your past, so let go of the old story.
Write a new script, you are the star, see your face in glory!
Be gentle and compassionate, look within.
See the good in every experience.  You are here to win!
God is love, God is goodness, God is in you.
You are your own best friend, support your feelings, be true.
You have been created for a special reason.
Be true to your passion and change with the season.
All your answers are inside.
Ask, act!  God is at your side.
God supports you to live your dreams.
Celebrate your gifts.  Buy an ice-cream!
Life is a game. The prerequisite is to have fun.
Play like a child, then you have won.
Sit by the sea and watch the birds soar.
Be in the moment and hear the waves roar.
Smell the salt in the air.
While the wind dances through your hair.
Let your feet play in the sand.
God's love for you is at hand.
You deserve pleasure!  Play, create a silly rhyme.
Stop and smell the flowers, this is your time!
Take time out to do nothing, to just be.
This is the art of living, it's that e-sea!
By Sheri Salin
Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48

Our Creator, Our Mother, Our Earth

Posted on March 13, 2012 at 3:31 PM Comments comments (78)
(Acrylic on canvas by Sheri Salin)
Yesterday while I was walking in the park, I started to question my life and ask myself if I am living the life I want and truly deserve.  Some feelings of anger surfaced for I felt stuck in many ways.  My first response in the past would have been to judge the feeling of anger as bad and then suppress it or project it outwardly onto someone else, the government or whatever.  This feeling of anger (fear) is at the root of war.  The anger and war that others play out is a reflection of the war that is going on within themselves.  They don't feel at peace within so they act it out onto others.  The painting shows a reflection which symbolizes our lives.   The inner reality gets reflected back to us by our outer world.  If we feel peace and love within, our outer world or surroundings will reflect that.   
The anger is never about someone, the government, the economy or religion.  Anger is only a feeling that is potential energy.   If it is used constructively and creatively it can be a powerful force to bring about positive change through taking inspired action.  It can bring lightness to where there was darkness.  I decided to feel into my anger and to use it as fuel, as energy to travel deeper within myself for answers.  I decided to transform this energy creatively through painting, by allowing the painting to bring guidance and answers.  My inpsired action was to write this blog, to share with others a journey towards evolving into the spiritual beings that we are.   
I paint intuitively and never know what message God/Goddess/Spirit/Higher Power/Universe has in store for me.   For me, art is a you-niversal language of God/Goddess that I later translate into English.  Once I finished the painting, I thought it looked like an impressionist painting of a sunset landscape.   That was yesterday's perspective, today was something different.  When I was able to get more relaxed, I looked into the painting.  This required me to close my outer eyes in order to have inner sight.  I became like an innocent child of wonder and my heart opened up to a deeper truth, a secret from God.  I saw the face of a woman in the middle of the painting, a face I never intentionally painted!  The divinely guided painting was speaking to me of our Creator, our Mother Earth.  We came from Her, both males and females embody this feminine energy within. 
We are all here for a reason, to anchor in the Divine Feminine at this time on our planet.   Our patriarchal world has been off balance for way too long and the only way to bring peace, harmony, joy and fun into our lives is by uniting the love of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine.  We are created through the balance of both these energies, a cosmic orgasm!   
The Divine Feminine is in you.  She represents feelings, love, nurturance, creativity, spirituality, receptivity, stillness and intuition.  Don't you deserve to live a life that is peaceful, fun, creative and magical?  We are all Divine children with greatness and goodness within to live out our wildest dreams, to feel good in life.  As a Divne child, which field are you playing in, the field of fear or the field of dreams?  Where do you give your attention and energy to, to the light or to the darkness? 
This painting, Our Creator, Our Mother, Our Earth symbolizes the colorful, magical, peaceful, abundant world we all have within us.  This inner spiritual world surpasses all religions for it is a new religion of human evolution.  This new religiion is SELF-LOVE.  It can only be felt through the heART of truth, the love within.  Feeling into the painting will bring this essence to you along with opening your heart to receive the love that the Divine Feminine has for you, bringing both your energies into balance.  Rebirth into your authentic self!  Feel the joy, magic and beauty that our Mother Earth wants to give you.  Stay in gratitude. 


Posted on February 22, 2012 at 3:21 PM Comments comments (141)
i've been over due in writing in my blog.  I am really opening up to painting more and writing more about the deeper esseence of the painting.  I was kind of taking the painting for face value and got caught up in mass consciousness that artwork is only there to be a decorative item that hangs on the wall.  My art conveys a deeper message, a deeper truth about the art of self-discovery.  It is an expression of the inner child connecting to God-Goddess, the love within.  This love has no attachment outside itself to a person, thing or situation.  It is unencumbered pure love at it's very core. 
I painted MAGICAL POPPIES yesterday with so much exuberance, fun and joy while listening to some great music!  What a gift to give to feel good and not to feel guilty for feeling good! 
I always paint intuitively allowing myself to be a vessel for Spirit to express through me.  Once Magical Poppies as shown below was completed, I relaxed into the painting and allowed Spirit to speak to me through the images that conveyed symbolism and deeper meaning.  The painting reminded me of a scene from The Wizard of Oz whereby Dorothy and her friends run into the poppy field with such joy and excitement.  They knew it was only a matter of time before reaching Emerald City.  As the plot turns, the wicked witch cast a spell so that Dorothy and her friends would fall asleep.  The sleep represents mass consciousness being asleep to feelings, asleep to one's potential in life.  How can someone know their potential without really knowing who they are?  The good witch from the north waves her wand over the poppy field to create snow.  In the painting Magical Poppies, the white flecks that were placed on the painting intuitively represents snow, a cleansing, a renewal, new beginnings, an awakening to one's potential.  Get still, listen within and follow your heart!  You have special gifts and talents to share.
MAGICAL POPPIES, Acrylic on 4 canvases, 64" x 20"

The Art of Opening the Inner Eyes

Posted on November 6, 2011 at 2:41 AM Comments comments (56)
Wow, it's been a while since I have posted a blog and I have missed writing! 
I was in Canada for 3 weeks visiting family and friends.  It was nice to go back and get new perspectives on self, life and others.  Stepping out of my environment helped me to see things differently, especially old patterns that were being played out with family and friends that no longer served my evolved self.  I felt empowered to see how far I came and how much more I need to go.  This journey in life for me is all about becoming my best self, to leave this world a better place knowing that I have been a gracious guest on this planet earth.
When I got back from my trip, I found myself feeling a little lost, a little outside myself after being immersed in everyone else's energies and lifestyle.  The pace is so much faster in a metropolitan city, traffic galore,  go, go, go, do, do, do!   I'm so used to the pace here on the west coast of Florida which is slow mo, being in the moment.  I used to have that frantic pace in life years ago when I was an entrepreneur, manufacturing, designing, wholesaling and owning retail stores.  I loved what I did, but at the same time I didn't love myself.  Becoming the workaholic was a great escape from going within and feeling things I didn't want to feel.  Not sure what I was afraid of now that I look back.  Perhaps I had a fear of the darkness, some kind of bogey man lurking within.  Then again, who taught us while growing up that there is another world, another important world that exists within ourselves that is colorful and fun? 
So, with this said, I found myself wrapped up in mass consciousness, pulled outside myself making the outer world my focus.  This caused me to feel off balance, not inside myself and not centered.  It took me almost a week to get back home, the place within.  I had to click my shoes a couple of times....and chant there's no place like home lol.   I had a hard time going within until I felt angry and frustrated because my needs weren't being met.  In some ways I had abandoned myself by immersing myself in everyone else's world and drama.  It was hard to own the anger but once I did, I allowed myself to channel the anger constructively and creatively by getting still, closing my outer eyes so that I could open my inner eyes.  It was a time of solitude, retreat, a moon time.  A time of reflection, a time of being in the feminine energy of myself to receive answers and guidance from Spirit within. 
This painting I have included titled DREAM ANGEL was divinely guided while I was in this space of solitude.  Painting has always been a form of meditation and play, all one in the same.  At first I threw white paint on the canvas, thinking that I was going to paint a commissioned piece for a customer.  The paint thrown at random on the canvas took on a painting in itself.  I saw wings of an angel and that symbolism lead to the angel, Dream Angel.  The angel came as a messenger to remind me to close my outer eyes in order to open my inner eyes.   I was feeling heaviness and darkness around me, other people's fears, so all the more I needed to feel the light within.  The anger became potential energy, almost like fuel that pushed me to go deep within, to shut out the outer world.    When you think about it, all feelings are just potential energy wanting to be felt and used constructively to serve one's good. 
DREAM ANGEL is here to remind us to stop and go within when there is darkness or feelings of fear.   I rarely paint artwork that is black and white but the black in the painting represents coming out of darkness and getting into the void.  The black also symbolizes the death of the old self and rebirthing into more of my Goddess-Self.  Yet, why do most of us want to avoid the void?  Perhaps it's because we don't know that it exists and never felt it, so there is a fear of the unknown?  You tell me.    In the past, whenever I felt fear or darkness I would want to run, run from myself and keep busy.  Now, I  run to go within myself.  The lyrics in one of Bono's songs from U2 is "she is running to stand still."  Now I know what he means by this profound lyric. 
How can one dream if one is asleep?  What I mean is to dream while being awake, awake consciously, being at one with oneself by going within and feeling into one's spirit.  I read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and one affirmation I kept affirming was, "all my dreams come from God and God has the power to accomplish them."  Writing this affirmation gave me strength and courage to not only dream but to live the life I want and deserve! 
Dream and believe to conceive! May all your dreams and desires come easy and in a fun way!
Acrylic on canvas by Sheri Salin
Dream Angel Painting

The Art of Self-Discovery

Posted on August 30, 2011 at 5:47 PM Comments comments (53)
Mystic Mountain Gallery
                                            Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 42
                                                    by Sheri Salin
Well, here's my first blog!  I wonder who is going to find it, yet alone read it?  I'm excited yet a little reserved in expressing thoughts and feelings in words.  As an intuitive artist I am so used to expressing myself on canvas.  Yet, I must admit that there were paintings that were created in my past that I didn't dare share with others, only my best friend.  She thought the painting was so expressive of my feelings and all  the more I suppressed myself in sharing it publicly.  I soon came to realize that I was feeling shame and fear of my actual feelings.  No wonder I was so quiet and shy as a child.  I feared my feelings and feared myself.  At a young age of 5,  I remember asking myself "who am I".   How could I know who I am without feeling into my feelings and letting them take me to a deeper place within, a place that I never knew existed! 
Most of my life I was quiet, listening to others over my own quiet voice within, a voice within that never had a chance to be heard.  I felt stuck in a body with no expression, no life, until one day I went through hell, a crisis in my life.  By going through hell, I found heaven!  The hell I was going through needed an outlet to express, to feel, so I turned to painting.   The painting brought me to heaven, a place within myself, a whole new world of unconquered territory, ready to be claimed.  The actual claim was claiming my authentic self, my God-self that was full of peace, wisdom, love and joy.  I loved this new inner world for I found it to be very colorful and more important than the outer world.  The inner world manifested outwardly as paintings and poetry, full of joy, healing, magic and mystery.  I couldn't get enough of it and I knew that this challenge that I experienced in my life came to serve me, it was a blessing for I found my life's purpose and passion, being in the business to express my God-self. 
Pablo Picasso once said that his art is like a diary.  I must admit that I saw my art as a diary as well, reflecting back to where I was in life, how I was feeling as well as the art being prophetic.  My paintings were the language of my soul, sharing with me glimpses of myself and wisdom that sometimes came at a later time in life.  Through painting, I began to understand that the soul doesn't know time or space.  It showed me that the soul is whole and complete, the way we were all born.  I sometimes didn't understand a painting until many years later when my level of consciousness had risen.  It was exciting to measure my spiritual growth through the artwork.  Otherwise it is hard to see growth for it is not a tangible thing.  The painting puts the intangible (feelings) into the tangible. 
The painting I want to share is called Mystic Mountain.  It is my most recent painting and this painting marked a special phase of my life.  It conveyed how I was allowing myself to surrender more to the process of painting, surrendering to trusting life and trusting myself.  In the past I would have defined it more as a way to overcompensate for not feeling defined or visible in life.  I was able to just let it be, to accept it for it's raw beauty by  not overworking it.  When is enough?  When am I enough?  There is such a correlation to painting and self-discovery.    Painting provides an outer journey of joy and magic.  Once the painting is complete, it then provides an inner journey to self-discovery that brings more peace and compassion.  What is my soul wanting me to know?  What images, colors or symbols are being reflected back for me to see?  
After I did the painting Mystic Mountain as shown above, the first image that I saw at the top right side of the painting looked like a layer being peeled back from the mountain.  Beneath the layer is a blue, ancient face of a woman. 
Painting Mystic Mountain 2
This symbol could mean so many different things to different people, depending on where they are in life.  The artwork brings out the subconscious into consciousness to reflect back to oneself.  The meaning behind the layer being stripped away represented stripping away layers of false beliefs about myself and to stop hiding who I am.  The layers and old beliefs kept me separated from the Divine and from my soul.  I saw that I needed to expose myself a creative way by sharing who I am.  To not fear rejection or abandonment but rather to celebrate expressing aspects of myself and the Divine within.  It gives others permission to then do the same.  This symbol also conveyed aspects of my personal truth of the Goddess within wanting to be expressed through a book I wrote,  that I put on the back burner for over ten years.  There is light in the center of the painting and it was a matter of letting more light into my life by being lighter and not taking myself or life so damn seriously!   I've held myself back so much in life and now I just want to be me.  Allow myself the freedom to express, to feel, to be alive, to say who gives a damn, I am that I am! 
May the power of the Creator be with you, always in all ways.
Until the next painting...........ciao.......stay groovy!  Remember, life is short, live your dreams, get creative!
Mystic Mountain is availabe for purchase below.  Thank you!
Price:  $4800