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7th HEAVEN GALLERY - The Return of the Divine Feminine/GOD the Mother for WORLD PEACE


Art - Paintings - 

Healing Through Art- Ascension- New Earth- Being a creative Conduit for the Divine Feminine - Empowering Women - Inner Peace = World Peace

 " Art washes away from the soul the dust of

everyday life." Pablo Picasso

7th Heaven Gallery  has transformed and has moved into a new direction. It is all about awakening the soul, awakening to the Divine Feminine within and merging it with the Divine Masculine to a higher level of consciousness and evolution to enter a new earth. A new earth that embodies self-love, self-respect, self-worth, self-expression and compassion.

Let creativity be a doorway back to your soul, back to a time of innocence. Living in a patriarchal world supports the material world and suppresses the soul. The soul is the inner world, the heart chakra, feelings, the child within waiting to emerge, waiting to be loved, expressed, acknowledged and attended to. It is that part of you that yearns to become it's authentic self! There is nothing to "get" outside of oneself to feel happy once you connect to the soul. Everything that is needed for true success and happiness resides within. You were born with it, it is the kingdom/queendom within. You don't have to do anything to receive it. Just open your heart, relax and go within to feel the true beautiful essence of who you are.

As a Spiritual Healer, I empower others through the creative process to heal addictions, recapture the true spirit, the authentic self that has been lost through time. Feel inspired, creative and joyful again! We are here to nurture our soul back to wholeness so we can have fun and feel good. It is our birthright! 

Self-love is the new religion! Everything you think you want outside yourself, is only a mirror for what you are really wanting to find within. Love, peace, joy, healing, security and happiness comes from the inner world. Once the inner riches are claimed, the outer riches manifest. Instead of wanting to be desired, feel into your desires. Instead of wanting love and appreciation, feel love and appreciation for yourself.

Are you ready for the journey? Are you ready to manifest the life you are here to live? Are you ready to receive all the magic and miracles that life has conspired to give you? Your true Self awaits you.......

Biography of Artist/Energy Healer Sheri Salin:

I am a self-taught, award winning mystic artist. My journey to becoming a successful, happy, professional fine artist came from an adversity in my life. I was diagnosed with depression, and no medication or counseling could heal my mental/emotional/spiritual state. At that point I took matters in my own hands and embarked on a spiritual, creative journey to self-awareness and self-healing through writing poetry and painting. The creative journey to healing connected me to my soul which formed a bridge or gateway to a deeper truth of God within, the Divine Feminine! I felt cradled in Her wise, loving, compassionate energy.

I felt inspired to move from depression to self-expression! Feelings that were suppressed transformed into creative energy. I felt like a bird that was set free from a cage, set free from the limitations of a patriarchal world of ego, materialism and soul harvesting that began 6000 years ago when patriarchy committed matricide, killing the Divine Feminine within, the true nature of the SOUL. My feelings took on a life of their own by channeling them in a constructive, creative, positive way. Magic and miracles came through in my art and in my life. I found peace, joy and freedom through experiencing the dark night of the soul! 

I paint intuitively. I view my paintings as moral values of faith, for when I show up to a blank canvas, I can't see what the end result will be so I have to trust in the unknown and allow myself to become a vessel for Spirit to express through me. The end result is always more beautiful and glorious than I could ever imagine! I try and apply this philosophy in my personal life. Every time I face adversities, I remind myself that God's hand is behind it and that the challenge is there to strengthen myself, to come into my authentic self. My life then flows more in grace, ease, joy and abundance! The feelings of being a victim to life's circumstances and going into depression no longer exists. I died to an old self of showing up in life as a victim and re-birthed into an empowered woman whose mission is to bring healing, wisdom and inspiration to awaken to a new world, the world within through creativity.

Dare to live your dreams! With God, all things are possible!

Speed of Love by Maria Chambers